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Upgrade offer

You are using a commercial application and you want to upgrade to Flight Assistant:
You can get 40% discount on our Advanced or Ultimate plan.

Can you apply?

This discount is available to pilots who have bought another moving map application or another flight preparation application in the past (without limitation of past time).

This purchase can be of any type as long as you do have a document (hard copy or soft copy) to prove it.

Namely, it can be (but not limited to):
– an application that you bought through an application store (Google Play / iTunes) with a one off purchase
– an application that you bought through an application store (Google Play / iTunes) on a subscription basis (recurring payment)
– an application that is freely available through the application stores with an “in application” payment for map, data, etc
– an application that is freely available through the application stores with a payment (one off or subscription) made outside the application store.

This discount can apply to any Advanced or Ultimate subscription created after the 01/06/2017 00:00 UTC.

Beware: this promotion is for a limited time only and for a limited number of pilots as well.

What do you get?

Once applied you will receive a personal coupon code that will give you a 40% discount on our Advanced or Ultimate plan.

This discount only applies to the subscription, not the addons or additional purchases (maps, data, etc.)

How to apply?

This is very easy, first make a copy of the invoice showing that you bought another moving map application.

Then send it to from your subscription email address (alternatively state clearly your subscription email address or your Flight Assistant customer ID).

What happens next?

In the next 24h after sending your invoice you will receive your coupon.

Go to your account page on the web, click on “Select my subscription”.
in the panel that will show, select the plan that suits you and enter your code in the “Coupon” field.
The prices should change accordingly.

Once you are happy with your selection click “Start my free trial” (yes, you still have one month to decide if Flight Assistant is right for you)(1)

What happens at the end the first year?

No strings attached. You have no obligation.

If you want to continue flying with Flight Assistant we will obviously be delighted.
If you want to continue using the plan that you have chosen, you will be charged from the beginning of your second year with the standard price.
If you want to move to another plan you will be able to do it and you will start your second year on this new plan.


1: If you have used your free trial already, you cannot use a free trial again.
This means that you need to provide a payment method into your account before entering your discount coupon.
Please note that you will be charged immediately.

You can see here how to enter your payment details into your account.

You want to upgrade your current moving map application?


We are making it easy for you!

If you are using any other commercial application, you can get 40% discount on your subscription plan.