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The next generation moving map application

Flight Assistant is not your usual moving map application and it boasts a lot of innovative features.

Just to make sure you do not miss them, here are the most important ones.


Dynamic vector maps

When most applications use raster maps, Flight Assistant uses vector maps.

Vector maps are always crispy clear, they adapt to the zoom level and labels are always horizontal (and readable).
Additionally, as they are drawn real time, we can change their content based on your current flight situation. This allows for example the dynamic display of airspaces (airspaces that are not active, too high or too low are greyed out).


Georeferenced airport charts with taxi mode

When integrating and landing at an airport, you will be able to take advantage of our georeferenced airport charts.
They bring the highest level of detail when you need it.

On top of that, Flight Assistant provides a “taxi mode” that will show high definition airport diagram at a high zoom level in a simplified user interface.

The taxi mode will activate automatically when you are taxying but it can be switched on or off manually as well.


PART NCO compliant flight folders

The EASA made pretty clear the rules you should follow when preparing a flight, especially for fuel planning.

Flight Assistant makes this a no brainer.

Just create your flight folder and you are covered.

The flight folders do not only contain fuel planning, they include as well a weight and balance check and a comprehensive navigation log that you can use as an “aide-memoire” or a backup of your tablet/mobile.


Advanced document library

In each country civil aviation authorities do publish various documents on top of airport documents (AIC, Sup AIP, weather briefings and more in some countries (AZBA in France for example).

The advanced Flight Assistant library do not only give you access to these documents, but thru a subscription mechanism it allows you to stay abreast of new publications.

You always know when a new document is published, it can be automatically downloaded onto your device and once you have read it, this is recorded into your Flight Assistant account.

This way, once you read a document on one device it will be remembered as “read” on all your devices.