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Special Offer For New Pilots


You passed your PPL or UL licence less than 6 months ago, this special offer is for you:
Your first year of subscription on any plan is FREE.



What do you get?

Once applied you will receive a personal coupon code that will give you a 100% discount on the subscription plan of your choice.

This discount only applies to the subscription, not the addons or additional purchases (maps, data, etc.)

How to apply?

This is very easy, you need to make a copy of your licence (plane or UL), clearly showing the licence number and your details and another one of the page in your logbook that shows the line of your PPL test (incl. signature & ID of your tester).

Send them to from your subscription email address.

What happens at the end the first year?

No strings attached. You have no obligation.

If you want to continue flying with Flight Assistant we will obviously be delighted.
If you want to continue using the plan that you have chosen, you will be charged from the beginning of your second year.
If you want to move to another plan you will be able to do it and you will start your second year on this new plan.