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The foldable flight folder


After the release of version 2.5 where we introduced printable flight folders, two of our users proposed a very clever format that gives as much room for information as an A4 landscape but fits nicely on an A5 standard kneeboard.

It is not hard to use, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, those pictures are worth… ten thousand words?

First print your flight folder and then fold it like in the picture above.

You should get something like the above.

Then cut on the dotted line just below the header.
Beware, you are just cutting half width of the folded page.

You must get this kind of result.

Then fold again each half as above.

This is what you should get.

We are nearly there!
Place in your kneeboard of choice…

And you can enjoy the full content of the A4 log on your A5 kneeboard.

With plenty of room to take notes!