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The Flight Assistant service will shut down on 31/03/2019


Please read the below to understand why we came to this decision and what will happen to your subscription.

Why are we shutting down Flight Assistant?

I am the creator of Flight Assistant.
It started as a hobby in 2011. In 2015, I made the decision to bring Flight Assistant to the next level and made it a commercial service.

Unfortunately, it did not work as expected.
I faced a number of difficulties, especially with the price and the quality of the aeronautical data over Europe.
It did not attract enough subscribers to pay for the development efforts necessary to make a top level application.
The new regulation introduced by the GDPR would require as well software changes that the revenue would not support.

I now have to face the blunt reality, the service is not economically viable and I unfortunately need to take necessary actions in such case. As you can imagine, it was not an easy decision to make, but I have to shut down the service.

We will stop accepting new subscribers from the 01/10/2018 and the service will actually shut down on the 31/03/2019.
This shall leave enough time for you to move to another application.

What will happen to my subscription?

If your subscription is to be renewed between 01/10/2018 and 31/10/2018…
You can select to renew your subscription or to cancel it on term.
If you do not take action, your subscription will be renewed.
To cancel your subscription on term, please visit your account page on the web(click “Manage my subscription”, then “Manage” on the line that shows your subscription).

If your subscription is to be renewed between 01/11/2018 and 31/03/2019…
Your subscription will go to its term and you can continue using Flight Assistant while your subscription is valid.
Your subscription will not be renewd though and it will be automatically cancelled on term.

If your subscription is to be renewed after 31/03/2019…
Your subscription will be cancelled on 31/03/2019 and you can use Flight Assistant till this date.
You will receive a reimbursement for the remaining unused part of your subscription.

If you were using Flight Assistant in “Free” mode…
You can continue to do so till 31/03/2019.
The free service will stop as well on the 31/03/2019.

A big thank you, but…

I cannot stress enough how sorry I am to have to make this decision.
In the last 7 years Flight Assistant has been a lot of fun (a lot of work too) but though it is really painful, I am in a situation where I have no other choice than withdrawing the service.

If you have further questions about this decision, or want to discuss alternatives with other Flight Assistant users we have opened a specific section on our forum.
Please follow this link to visit it.

Best regards and happy flights,
Jean-Michel aka “The Flight Assistant Team”.