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The Flight Assistant referral program


Renew your subscription for FREE!

You have been using Flight Assistant for a few months now and we hope you like it.

You are most probably a Flight Assistant expert, but we are sure there are plenty of pilots around you who do not use it yet.

By recommending Flight Assistant to your fellow pilots, you can get your next year of subscription for free!


How does it work?

It is very simple.

You have been issued a referral code via email.
You will give away this code to your friends.

Your friends get an immediate 20% discount.

If two of your friends use your code and confirm their subscription, you get a 50% discount on your subscription renewal.

If your code is used just once more (three subscriptions in total), your subscription will be renewed for FREE.

You will receive an email every time one of your friends uses your referral coupon.

What if there are more?
Your code can be used more than 3 times.
If this is the case we have some goodies and gifts ready for you!

How to present Flight Assistant?

To help you introducing Flight Assistant and its benefits to your friends, we have put some resources together.

There is this page from our site that highlights the main differences between Flight Assistant and the traditional moving map applications.

You can use this presentation if you have the opportunity to present Flight Assistant using a computer screen or video projector.
You can edit the slide before the last one to include your referral code.

You can use our YouTube channel with this video about vector maps or this one about georeferenced airport charts.
You can promote Flight Assistant to your online friends by sharing our Facebook page or following us on Twitter.

You did not get your referral code?

We leave you a bit of time to make yourself familiar with Flight Assistant before sending you your referral code.

You should receive it 3 month after your subscription has been activated.

If you did not receive your referral coupon, please email us at .