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Flight Assistant v2.1 brings airport vector diagrams



Flight Assistant for Android version 2.1 has been released.
It brings a number of improvements to the vector maps: airport schemas and selectable map styles.

There is as well a new interaction on the map with “tap to get info” while long press remain dedicated to actions.
The new info screen (when tapping on the map) is really rich. Try it out!

The Flight Assistant web application has been release as well.


Airport vector diagrams and map styles: the beauty of vector maps

With the introduction of airport vector diagrams, we really take advantage of our vector maps.

Zoom in to an airport. You will see the runway appearing, then the runway designators.
And if you zoom again, you will see a diagram of the final approach, with runway heading as well as the location and altitude of your last turn.


Another great advantage of vector maps is the ability to look different with just applying a style.


With the selectable map styles included in this release, you can select from various look & feel.
Those map styles are designed to make the vector map look like your usual aviation map. We have included a night style as they need to be much darker than styles designed for day time..



Last but not least, there is a new interaction on the moving map: tap to get info.
If you tap anywhere on the map you will get information about the objects (airfields, waypoints, airspaces) at this location.

It gives you a lot of information with one single “tap”, and from this new screen, you can access detailed airport briefing or the airport chart.
This is really all the information you need at your fingertips.



What’s next?

At Flight Assistant we are convinced that we can only build a great product if we involve our users.
So we are listening to you.

The next release will deliver integrated aviation maps
Yes, you will be able to purchase and install your prefered aviation map directly from the application.
The best thing is that those maps will be available in the web application as well.

We do have some demand as well on the georeferenced airport charts.
This was not a top priority, but again, we are listening to you and we are reviewing options to deliver this for the next release.

We are as well working on an improved background map with much more detailed coastline.