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Data & map

Flight Assistant offers vector maps but you can still use your preferred aviation raster map

Vector maps are significantly superior to “raster” maps : they are much smaller, they support variable level of detail based on the zoom level and they are always crispy clear.

With Flight Assistant vector maps, you do not pay for coverage(*).
You will have access to all the standard definition maps for “free” subscription, and the much better high definition maps for “Basic” subscription and above.

You will as well have the option to purchase additional aviation maps in raster formats  and if you own a raster map you can use in Flight Assistant(**).

*: for supported countries
**: from our Basic subscription level, supported formats “tile tree” & MBTile.

Take advantage of georeferenced airport charts(*) when approaching, landing and taxying

Flight Assistant does not only come with vector navigation maps.

Flight Assistant offers georeferenced airport charts created from the official airport documents: one to be used for approach, one for landing and one for taxying.

But do not worry, they will display automatically based on your zoom level.

On top of that, when taxying on an airport you can activate a “special” taxi mode that will show a HD airport digram or ground movement chart in a simplified user interface that will ease airport navigation.
No more question mark when taxying on an airport!

*: availability varies on a country basis, please check the table here for your country

All Flight Assistant subscriptions include official aeronautical data for as many countries as you want(*)

It is paramount to us that we can offer high quality aeronautical data.

We do have a contract in place with Eurocontrol (and other national aviation authorities) in order to provide you with official aeronautical data in a large number of countries.

At minimum, the data includes airports with runway information, radio navigation points (VOR, NDB, etc.), IFR reporting points and airspaces. In most cases the data contains airport & airspace frequencies as well.

*: “Basic” subscription or above, for the countries we officially support

Official NOTAMs, METARs & TAFs

You would not fly without reviewing NOTAMs, TAFs and METARs along your trip, would you?

We neither.

That is why Flight Assistant will give you access to official NOTAMs, TAFs and METARs, not only on the ground, but as well in flight.

Define own plane with own performances and weight & balance data

Accurate flight planning starts with accurate plane data.

With Flight Assistant, you can model the performances of your plane accurately with its very own performance characteristics : cruise speed, climb and descent speed as well as climb and descent rate.

We are as well going the last mile for weight & balance.
You can model your plane really accurately, including a fully customizable weight stations,  multiple tanks and center of gravity envelope.

Flight preparation

Everything you need to prepare & plan your flight in the same tool

Flight Assistant offers everything you need to prepare your flight.

Aeronautical data, airports, radio nav., reporting points: all included!
Cities, towns and villages: you have them (unless really really small)!
Comprehensive and accurate flight time calculation: you have it!
Airport documents, NOTAMs, TAFs, METARs: all there!

No, you are not missing anything!


Prepare your flights on the web… or your mobile device.
It doesn’t matter everything is synchronised!

Flight Assistant does not only come as a mobile application.
It as a fully featured service.

You can prepare your flight (and manage your planes) on the web and everything will be automatically synchronized to all your devices(*).

*: the mobile device obviously needs to have Internet access so that the data can be synchronized on application start up.

Flight Assistant provides accurate calculation of weight & balance, including fuel management

Due to its accurate modelling of plane weight stations and center of gravity limits, Flight Assistant can provide an accurate weight & balance calculation.

It will not only tell you if you can safely take off but it will forecast as well the evolution of weight & balance during flight considering fuel consumption.

A part-NCO compliant electronic flight folder

The “electronic flight folder”* that you can print from Flight Assistant contains your navigation log, fuel planning, weight & balance checks, airport documents & weather information.

We got you covered.

*:  PDF document that you can print in a kneeboard format or keep in your device

In flight

The Flight Assistant moving map provides you with all the information you need and yet it remains very easy to read

The mini HSI is a very powerful instrument and (as a real plane HSI) it tells you exactly where you are compared to your planned route.

When you need more info on an item on the map you always get more by tapping it.

We tried to find the perfect balance between the quantity of information and readability and, to be honest, we are quite happy with result!


Flight Assistant maintains an accurate navigation log throughout your flight

With the Flight Assistant electronic navigation log, you have a constantly refined view of what is ahead of you.

Estimated time en route, remaining fly time and distance, estimated time overhead… We do the hard work, you make the decisions.

Flight Assistant will adapt to your flying habits.

Flight Assistant has 3 utilisation modes: “free flight”, “GOTO” or “navigation”.

Flight Assistant is a very versatile tool and you will be able to switch from one mode to the other very easily. It will maintain an accurate ETE and ETA calculation all the way.

The “navigation” mode is as well very flexible and allows bypassing waypoints.
You can also back track your navigation if you need to turn around.

Flight Assistant’s main purpose is to give you all the information you need to make decisions.

All the documents & data you might need in flight will be downloaded and saved to the device before you take off.

If you need to reroute or just want to explore an airfield nearby, you do have all the information at your fingertips (literally).


Display you flights in popular map application like Google Earth

Flight Assistant allows you to export your flights in GPX format that is compatible with many map application or websites.

This way you can retrace your flight on a map, just to see where you have been, or to check how good you are ;).