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The Flight Assistant service will shut down on 31/03/2019


Please read the below to understand why we came to this decision and what will happen to your subscription. Why are we shutting down Flight Assistant? I am the creator of Flight Assistant. It started as a hobby in 2011.


Georeferenced charts, “taxi mode” & advanced document library


In a nutshell… This release is probably bringing the largest upgrade since we launched version 2 last September. It includes georeferenced charts (for those countries where airport chart are freely available). The georeferenced charts can be displayed various ways (check


Welcome digital WINTEMs!


In a nutshell… With release 2.6, we are giving you access to digital WINTEMs. That sounds nice indeed, but what is it bringing to the application: – you will be able to display WINTEMs on the map (either for current


The Flight Folders are there!


With the printable flight folders, you do not only get a paper navigation log, you get as well a regulation compliant fuel planning and weight & balance calculation. When we published our poll at the end of last year about


Android Release 2.4.0


With the dynamic airspace display, you can focus on the ones that really matter! The version 2.4.0 of the mobile application brings¬†dynamic filtering and display of airspaces.   This means airspaces can be filtered based on their actual activation schedule


Android release 2.3.0


Much more details on airspaces! All the details you can ask for about airspaces are now there! We have pulled all the juice we could out of aeronautical data and the application now displays a lot more information about airspaces.


Enjoy your preferred aeronautical maps with Flight Assistant v2.2


The aeronautical maps are there! Though we strongly believe that vector maps are the future of EFB applications such as Flight Assistant, we were getting asked for “traditional” aeronautical maps a lot. So why not get the best of both


Flight Assistant v2.1 brings airport vector diagrams


TL;DR Flight Assistant for Android version 2.1 has been released. It brings a number of improvements to the vector maps: airport schemas and selectable map styles. There is as well a new interaction on the map with “tap to get


Flight Assistant v2 is out !


  We are delighted to announce that Flight Assistant version 2 has been released today!   Both the Android application and the flight planning web application are now open to the public.   Some great deals for the first subscribers