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The Flight Folders are there!


With the printable flight folders, you do not only get a paper navigation log, you get as well a regulation compliant fuel planning and weight & balance calculation.

When we published our poll at the end of last year about what really matters to our users, the flight folders came top.

It has been quite a hefty development, but we are really happy with the results and we think it was worth the effort for us and the wait for our users.


What is in a “flight folder” in Flight Assistant?

There are different flavours of “flight folder” and based on your subscription, you will be able to chose the format, but in a nutshell, a flight folder contains:

  • a cover page summarising your request and as well highlighting the possible issues with your flight
  • a detailed navigation log
  • a detailed fuel planning matching the new PART-NCO regulatory requirements (see NCO.OP.125 section in this document from the EASA)
  • a weight and balance calculation including fuel consumption variations
  • en route TAFs & METARs
  • en route NOTAMs

What formats and flavours are available?

The flight folders are available to all users with and Advanced plan or above.

If you do have an Advanced plan, you will have access to the default flight folder format which is a basic A5 format (sample) that can be used on most standard kneeboards.
When requesting a flight folder, it will be emailed to you upon completion.


With an Ultimate plan you can choose from all the available formats:

  • the standard basic A5 format (sample)
  • an A4 landscape format that is really comprehensive and contains all the information we have (sample)
  • an A5 format that is more detailed than the basic one, still fitting on an A5 paper size (sample)
  • a single page A4 that just contains the fuel planning and weight and balance calculation (you prepared your navigation, printed you flight folder, but just before departing you want to account for last minute modification without printing everything again, sample)
  • an Excel friendly format that you can use if you are an Excel Jedi Knight and want to have your very own format
  • finally, there is a plain text format that is more a log of the calculations and shows raw data if you do want to dig into details.

With an Ultimate plan, your flight folders are kept into your account. They are synchronised to your mobile device and on the web as well.
In case you need them in the future for an enquiry from the authorities or whatever the reason, your flight folders are archived on our servers for 6 months.

Want to know more about how to create and how to use our flight folders?

Checkout our training center for a detailed explanation on the content of the flight folders.