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Enjoy your preferred aeronautical maps with Flight Assistant v2.2


The aeronautical maps are there!

Though we strongly believe that vector maps are the future of EFB applications such as Flight Assistant, we were getting asked for “traditional” aeronautical maps a lot.

So why not get the best of both worlds?

With Flight Assistant 2.2 you can now purchase your preferred aviation map as an add-on to your subscription.


Why we are proposing maps on a subscription basis…

We strongly believe that having up to date maps and documentation is a factor in your security as a pilot.

Most aeronautical maps do have a lifetime of one year, but with Flight Assistant, you always benefit from the most current edition of the map, for the duration of your subscription, regardless when you subscribed.

If the map is updated more than once a year, all the updates are included within your subscription.

Obviously the maps that you subscribe to are available within the mobile application, but within the web preparation application as well(*).


The cheapest maps on the market

We want to make those maps as available as possible, this means they are very easy to get within the application, but as well we made theme as affordable as possible.

Here are a with examples of our prices (price for a full one year subscription, regardless the number of issues per year):
AirMillion (Europe) : 17,90€/an (1 issue/year, 2 issues from 2017)
AVIOPortonalo (Italy) : 14,90€/year (1 issue/year, Italy is covered by 4 maps)
SIA 250k (France) : 9.90€/year (2 issues/year)
SIA  Million (France) : 19,90€/an (2 issues/year)
IGN OACI France : 17,90€/an (1 issue/year)
CartaBossy France : 17,90€/an (1 issue/year)

All open flightmaps maps available for free(**)

open flightmaps is a group that creates open source aviation maps.

They are currently covering a few countries, mostly in central and Northern Europe (Germany, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, Romania and Bulgaria very soon), but the coverage increases nicely and regularly.

With a Basic subscription or above, you can use all the maps from open flightmaps free of charge.

And obviously you can still use your own maps if you own any.


The choice is all yours!

So aint’f life great with Flight Assistant?
You have the choice between vector maps with their selectable styles, integrated aeronautical maps, or you own maps.
You have plenty of options!

And a great launch promo!

To celebrate the launch of integrated maps, you can get a discount of 30% on all maps with the promo code MAP30PC.


*: except for those maps that only cover a small area (typically local 1/250k maps)
**: with a Basic (or above) subscription plan