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  • Official Datas
  • Vector maps
  • Versatile flight planning
  • All in one !


  • Official aeronautical data
  • Prepare your flight on the web, use your mobile device in the cockpit
  • All your data synchronized to all of your devices


  • High definition vector maps
  • Versatile moving map
  • All the information at your fingertips
  • Horizontal & vertical guidance
  • Terrain profile & airspace intrusion alerts


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/ year
49 ,40
/ year
  • Standard definition vector maps
  • Basic open source aeronautical data
  • Plan your flights on the web with basic map style
  • 2 planes and 5 navigations
  • No data synchronization
  • HD vector maps
  • Use your own maps on mobile
  • Use popular aviation maps on mobile & the web (additional subscription)
  • Comprehensive official aeronautical data
  • Advanced map style (web)
  • Plan your flights on the web
  • Data synchronization
  • All free airport documents included
  • 3 planes and 20 navigations
  • Everything in basic plus:
  • Multiple vector map styles (mobile)
  • Digital terrain model (flight profile and alerts)
  • Satellite view (web)
  • Unlimited planes
  • Unlimited navigations
  • Vector landing patterns
  • Geo-ref. airport charts (Q4 2016)
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Prepare your flight on the web, get it on all your mobile devices

Mobile device screens are very nice… But small. Or very small.
This is what led us to develop flight planning on the web.

On the web, you will be able to edit/create your planes and your flight plans (navigations), browse aeronautical data and documents, and review TAFs, METARs and NOTAMs.

Ultimately, you will be able to build a comprehensive “electronic flight folder” with all the required information.

Your planes and you navigations will be synchronised to your mobile device so that you can use them for your flights.

Having the same data on your tablet and your phone also adds a level of safety if you need to swap device in flight.

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A application for pilots designed by a community of pilots

We are convinced that we can only build a great product by collaborating with our users.

Join our community of pilots and help us designing the future of Flight Assistant.

You are best placed to know what you need.

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Official aeronautical data!

We have developed some import routines for the standard data exchange formats used in aviation and have secured a contract with Eurocontrol for the provision of the data they maintain.

This covers much more than Europe and the same format is used by the FAA for data in the USA.

Flight Assistant gives you what is best in terms of data accuracy!

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Enjoy your preferred aeronautical maps with Flight Assistant v2.2


The aeronautical maps are there! Though we strongly believe that vector maps are the future of EFB applications such as Flight Assistant, we were getting asked for “traditional” aeronautical maps a lot. So why not get the best of both